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Reached out the environmental concerns at visual concert

May 22, 2009

"Visual Concert -Takashi Amano's nature world meets sopranos" was held on May 16th at Myoko-ji near Mt. Kakuda, Niigata, Japan.

The event was consisted of 2 parts; the first part was Takashi Amano (President of IEPA)'s lecture, and second part was the visual concert. At the visual concert, while Amano's works of landscape photography were shown on the large screen, beautiful music were played by 2 soprano singers and a pianist, collaborating and creating the visional world.
(All photographs by Ekio Kamiyama)

Addressing the importance of environmental conservation based on the own experience

Takashi Amano lectured about the ongoing environmental destruction worldwide, appealing the seriousness of the issue based on his own experience of facing the change of nature by taking environmental photographs in the three largest tropical forests including Amazon for many years.

He also mentioned about how the environment should be preserved and protected at the local area, the area called Nishikan ward of Niigata city where Amano himself was brought up in.

Collaboration of the visual image and music

The second part of the event was the musical concert of soprano singers, Naoko Aratake and Kanako Ohara, and the pianist, Yuri Hamada.

With music, beautiful images of Amazon, Yaku Island (Japan), and Sado Island (Japan) taken by Takashi Amano were shown on the large screen setup in the hall. The collaboration of visual image and music enabled to convey stronger message and impression to the audiences.

On the screen, not only the beautiful landscapes were shown. But there were also the images of cracked river bottom dried up due to the most severe draught in a century, or carcasses of Piranha left behind on the draughty ground in Amazon, addressing the environmental issues and the venerableness of nature.

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