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Wim van Passel

After 35 years of successful commercial photography, 14 years ago I decided to sell my studio and to change my life completely and together with my wife. We went north to give permanence to the breath-taking beauty of the last pieces of unspoiled wilderness by means of large format photography and just before climate change would destroyed everything.

I do this under the name Timeless Moments, without any commercial target and unpaid. I have made all my photographic material freely available to the int. Image bank of the W.W.F who gratefully accepted and frequently uses my work to highlight their goals.

In the meantime and after participation in 28 Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, the Timeless Moments project resulted in over 10 national and international exhibitions, countless lectures and publications, workshop, radio and Tvattention and 5 very nice book publications. (2009)

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Title: Blue Polar Bear

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