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Chen Wang

Mr. Wang is a board of director member of Chinese Photographers Association and Chinese representative of Photographic Society of America. He also works as a guest professor of Chinese Naval Commanding Academy. He has been awarded by Art Institute of China, and his pictures and DVD were highly evaluated in China, and gathered many attention in the world. In 2003, commemorative stamps of his landscape pictures were issued by China Post, State Post Bureau of PRC.


Title: Dried Land

For me, photography is an eye reflecting the beauty of our Earth, and it is like light on flowers. When I was ten years old, I got my first camera, and I spent many hours for shooting. Now I paid attention on the culture of Chinese minority ethnic groups, and visited Tibet, and Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, and recorded precious ethnic cultures. I also take landscape pictures from airplane, and try to capture the expression of Earth.  I wish to show the current status of environmental destruction. For example, when I visit a snow-capped mountain, I could see the amount of snow fall is decreasing year by year due to the global warming effect. In Qinghai-Tibetan (Qingzang) Plateau, 1,300 square kilometer land is deforested every year. I tried to send a message of environmental destruction, and I wish to promote the movement of conservation.

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