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Vijay Cavale

An engineer with a post-graduate diploma in marketing and sales management Vijay Cavale spent over two decades seeking his fortune in corporate India. A nature lover from birth, at the age of 40, in 2001, he decided to follow his passion and has since been traveling all over India enjoying its wildlife. As he continues his travels in wild India, Vijay Cavale captures images and videos of nature and wildlife with focus on birds found in India.

Vijay Cavale believes that one will not tend to harm that which brings one happiness. He thus focuses on spreading the joy that nature has on offer rather then activism based conservation.


Title: Desert Cat emerging from its Den

This is a very rare image of a "Desert Cat" emerging from its den in the vast and seemingly empty desert of Kutch District in the state of Gujarat in India. This is a fine example to explain that life thrives everywhere! Shot in February, 2008.

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