Tom Svensson, the photographer members of the IEPA, International Environment Photographers Association.

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Tom Svensson

Tom Svensson is working with conservation on a breeding center for highly endangered animals. He works with all from amphibians to Tigers called Nordens Ark . He is also there photographer. For him conservation is extremely important, so he decided to do more on his spare time. And since he found that there are so many very endangered species close to extinction and few people even know they exist even less have seen, he decided to write book about some of these species.
So people can help doing something before it is to late !
He has already written 2 books.
He has also been voted in to the Swedish Nature Photographers Association among the top photographers in Sweden. There have been written much about his work and his photos in pres and he have also been on radio and on national TV to talk about his work.

He wants to make a difference for endangered animals – do you ?
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