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Stephen G. Weaver

Stephen Weaver is an award winning photographer with over 35 years experience making images of the natural world. Formally educated as a geologist, Steve combines his scientific knowledge with his photographic abilities to produce stunning images that illustrate the beauty of the structure and composition of the earth and its natural systems.

Stephen grew up in Pennsylvania and from an early age developed a passion for nature and the outdoors. As an undergraduate geology student he first visited the Rocky Mountains where he fell in love with the mountain environment and the wide-open grand landscapes of the West. Steve currently photographs throughout North America with a major emphasis on mountain and desert environments. He has discovered the beauty of the prairie and is currently working on a project photographing the short and tall grass prairie in the western plains states. Stephen uses a large format 4x5 view camera with transparency film as well as Nikon Digital SLRs to capture his images.

Fine Landscape and Nature Photography by Stephen G. Weaver
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Title: Bison and Crestone Peaks

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