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Spyros Tsakiris

Born in 1962, Spyros Tsakiris grew up in the small town Zaharo of Peloponnesus, in Greece. From his early years he developed a strong relationship with photography. In 1987, Eleftherotypia, one of the largest daily Greek newspapers, hired him as a photojournalist, covering local and international social and political issues.

He is currently the chief-photographer of the same newspaper and its weekly magazine Geotropio. He has covered many crises, conflicts and wars, such as civil wars in Rwanda, Lebanon and Bosnia, the 1989 crisis in Kosovo, war in former Yugoslavia, crises in Romania and Albania, the downfall of the Soviet Union, Gulf War, famine in Africa, Kurds, etc. Other than being present in the most troubled parts of the world, Tsakiris has journeyed across numerous countries concentrating his interest at the diversity of human activity and the relation between man and environment.


Title: Born after death

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