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Roland Smeets

Roland Smeets was born in 1968 in the Netherlands, he is a professional wildlife photographer, book author and movie maker specialized in African wildlife. His work had been published in newspapers, magazines and on TV. He has his own Photographic African Wildlife Gallery in the Netherlands consisting of about 80 wildlife photographs in sepia colors for sale till 200cm width.

At the moment he works on the photographic albums and movies of the Wildlife Centre Collection this series contains stunning photographs of all the parks in East Africa separate published. Together with his wife Conceição Russo he works also on wildlife books for Children to educate and inspire the next generation in wildlife and the environment. 5% of the profits he makes is donated to Wildlife programs in Africa.

More of his work is free published on Facebook with ten thousands of members.
His Official website is Wildlife Centre where he offers also photographic safari tours, and workshops.

Wildlife Centre
(Official Website)


Title: Amboseli Kilimanjaro

The icepack around Kilimanjaro's summit is now measured to be approximately 15% of levels measured in 1912. Many use Kilimanjaro as a prime example of the effects of climate change. Many people and the Amboseli ecosystem depending on the melting waters from the Kilimanjaro.

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