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Peter Cairns

Based in the heart of Scotland's Cairngorms National Park, Peter Cairns is a freelance nature photographer whose images and stories appear in a wide variety of media. In addition to documenting Europe's wildlife species, Peter's deep fascination for our own relationship with the natural world focuses his work on a diverse range of issues such as wildlife management, ecological restoration and eco-tourism.

Peter was a founding director of Wild Wonders of Europe and has recently become a director of the Wild Media Foundation, which works with the scientific community to bring nature's stories to a wide audience.


Title: Whooper Swan (Cygnus Cygnus) at dawn

We live in a world dominated by visual media. Our consumer habits and our social outlook are influenced by a constant barrage of imagery. Why then, has the scientific and conservation community been so slow to recognise visual imagery as a powerful communication tool? That is now changing in Europe. Scientists, conservationists, land managers are even businesses are collaborating more willingly, recognising that by pooling skill sets, we can all be more effective than by working in isolation. Photographers have an opportunity - perhaps even an obligation - to play their part in this process.

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