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Ossian Lindholm

Ossian Lindholm is a landscape and nature photographer. He has a university degree in Agronomy and for a while worked in that activity. However, photography is what he is passionate about; he was born with it and it is his true profession.

He is interested in many branches of photography, but it is as a nature photographer where he feels that he has a mission to accomplish. He is convinced that to Preserve nature, one first has to know about it, and that is his guide as a nature photographer: to enlighten and show the life and the landscapes we have to preserve. Agronomical sciences gave him a scientific connection with nature, and photography gives him the needed pause to observe it. Agronomy explains the delicate mechanisms through which nature lives and dies; photography gives him the feelings through with nature manifests itself.
Photography is an option, the result of living with a passion. He said "If I ever lose that passion I will stop being a photographer."

He was born in Argentina, in the northern province of Tucumán in 1957. From two to nineteen years old he lived and went to school in Buenos Aires. He later returned to Tucumán where he went to University and got a degree as an Agronomist, working then as one for several years. Today He lives in Salta together with his wife Ana Inés Figueroa and children. He is a self taught photographer, giving his first steps in this area as a teenager with a black and white lab and financing his hobby taking photos at social events. Later on he had the chance to work for a group that made fashion catalogs; that was his first professional job. After this, a lot of reading, some workshops, a lot of practice and passion turned him into a photographer. Landscapes have always been a challenge, being the main theme of his calendars and his five books:

"10.000 kilometers of Argentine Routes". Text Juan Martín Roldán.
"Argentina's North". Text Ana Ines Figueroa.
“Ischigualasto, The Moon Valley and Talampaya”. Text by Ana Ines Figueroa
“Calchaquí, The Valley”. Text by Ana Ines Figueroa.
“Las Viñas del Cielo”. Text by Dolores Lavaque and Carolina Garicoche.

He currently produces and conducts a TV series about Argentina's nature and culture seen from a photographic perspective.

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Title: Arita Cone

In the North of Argentina is located one of the biggest salt flats of the Andes. Arizaro Salt Flat is surroanded by volcanos at 3.480 meters over sea level ( 11.384 feet ). But what makes it very interesting is this strange formation of about 110 meters high known there as "El Cono de Arita". Arita is probably an american indian word.

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