Tadayuki Naito, the photographer members of the IEPA, International Environment Photographers Association.

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Tadayuki Naito

Born in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1941. In 1964, he started to take photographs of mastery jazz players including Miles Davis. Also known for image works and textiles based on photographs taken in Asia, the U.S.A, and Africa and many other parts of the world. His main photographic collections are: "A trip of Africa," "World's Life Mandala (Chikyuu Fuuzoku Mandala)," "ZEBRA," "KAKURA-COSM," "Form of Universe, Yard in Japan," and "Blue-Lotus."


IEPA, the International Environment Photographers Association
8554-1 Urushiyama, Nishikan-ku, Niigata, 953-0054 JAPAN

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