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Morgan E. Heim

I merge scientific exploration with journalism as a way of bringing people stories about our natural world. It's my hope that this will show just how closely tied we are to the health of the environment, and encourage us all to feel like participants in its conservation.

Morgan is a science journalist and photographer based out of Boulder, Colo., holding both a B.S. in zoology and M.A. in environmental journalism. Her work has appeared in such outlets as High Country News,, the Rocky Mountain News, and Art for Conservation. In spring 2009, Morgan had the honor of becoming an emerging league member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, an organization dedicated to documenting wildlife and conservation issues around the globe. As well as freelancing, Morgan enjoys working as the science writer and photographer for CIRES, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. There, she reports on some of the world's top researchers studying subjects such as climate change, ecosystem science, hydrology, geology, cryospheric and polar processes, limnology, remote sensing...

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CAT in WATER is a media expedition to track and document the elusive fishing cat, an endangered species that has rarely been photographed before. Researchers have found a new population living at the outskirts of villages in Thailand, offering an unprecedented opportunity to give the world a view of the fishing cat they have never seen.
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Morgan E. Heim Environmental Photojournalist and Writer
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Title: Pronghorn Antelope Play-fighting

Title: Rock of the Spider Woman, Canyon de Chelley

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