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Luis Quinta

Luis Quinta was born in Lisbon on March 6, 1965. When he was 14, he began wandering underwater in Sesimbra and in 1988 he took his first underwater photos. Since then, he has dived all over the country, from the remote Ilhas Selvagens, in the Archipelago of Madeira, to the distant Ilha do Corvo, in the Azores. He is familiar with the continental coast, from North to South, and has already dived to all the Portuguese underwater hills that are accessible to divers. During his 20-year career he published around a thousand articles, newspaper reportings and photographic works in the national press (for example: National Geographic Magazine, Visão, Rotas do Mundo, Grande Reportagem, Volta ao Mundo, Rotas e Destinos, Público, Expresso, Diário de Notícias, among many others). Abroad, he published several scores of works, namely in the United States, Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Israel. Besides newspapers and magazines, he has also had several images published in books, in Portugal as well as abroad. He has collaborated with his photos with various environmental organizations, such as World Wildlife Fund, World Conservation Society, Greenpeace, among others.


Title: Pilot Whales

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