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Jesper Tønning

Born in 1977, he has been devoting most of his life on exploring nature. Made his entry into the world of photography since 1998, now he works as a professional photographer with great eyes for details, structures, patterns and "small landscapes," specializes in adventure travel, scenic landscapes and details of nature, and graphic design of natural elements. He takes numbers of photo-shooting trips to his favorite sites in sub-arctic Lapland, Sweden and around his home in Denmark. His works have been appreciated in numerous exhibitions and publications in different parts of Europe. He is also a winner of many awards including Asferico 2007 to 2009.

Jesper Tønning Photography
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Title: Autumn Wilderness

TLocated in the northern part of Sweden, you’ll find Laponia a UNESCO World Heritage site - an area with outstanding scenery.

Mountains, lakes, rivers and old growth forest, an Eldorado for a landscape photographer like me. Autumn is the best time to photograph this area, as the forest floor is thickly covered with blueberries, moss, and lichens, all showcasing endless shades of fall. I was searching for the right mixture of rocks, water and fall vegetation; the vibrant fireweed in the foreground makes it all come alive. The overcast sky provided perfect lighting and the use of a polarizing filter enhanced the colours and removed reflections in the water and vegetation within this remote forest.

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