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Graham Osborne

Hailed as a landscape master by Outdoor Photographer Magazine (August, 99 issue), Graham Osborne has been called one of British Columbia's and Canada's best photographers by C.B.C. Television and B.C.T.V. His images have garnered him several awards over the years including the Gold Medal in Photojournalism at the 2005 International Regional Magazine Awards (IRMA), a Summit Award in 1997 (for best ad agency design, North America), and the 1993 SPJ Excellence In Journalism Award for magazine feature photography. Osborne was also nominated for two National Magazine Awards (1994, 1997).

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Title: Pacific Salmon Leaping in Dawn Mist

With Pacific Salmon stocks dwindling to extraordinary lows, several Pacific Salmon species appear headed for inevitable decimation, even extinction. Many biologists are speculating that the spectacular fishery collapse seen on the East Coast of North America will soon be repeated on its West Coast if drastic measures are not taken soon. Many runs of salmon have already died out, and as old growth forest watersheds and riparian and spawning habitats are being impacted irreversibly on a massive scale, many feel it may already be too late to act. International action will be essential if there is any hope of reversing the current downward population spiral of these magnificent fish.

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