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Eric Bergmeester

Since 1985 I'm active as a nature photographer. Landscape photography is my passion, in which atmosphere is the main ingredient. I have an eye for detail, plant, and animal. I often go trekking through Europe’s National Parks and in areas of natural beauty in the Netherlands such as the Waddenzee and Het Groene Woud. I make expeditions to special areas of natural beauty on this earth regularly, such as Lofoten in Norway, Denali National Park in Alaska, Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego in the most southern part of Chile and Argentina, or a sub-arctic areas like Labrador in the northeast of Canada. I was educated as a chemical environmental technologist. I am involved in nature conservation and dedicated to fight climate change. I enjoy to kindle enthusiasm in people for nature photography.

Eric Bergmeester Nature, Travel & Landscape Photography is committed to organize seminars, workshops and lectures about nature conservation, climate change and sustainable development for NGOs, local governments and international companies. In this way, it contributes to make biodiversity more visible and develop among the general public a deeper compassion for the world around us by raising awareness on nature conservation thanks to personal interactions and the positive enthusiasm shown by its staff. I am the president of the Dutch Nature Photographers Association (Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland, NVN). Besides a number of nice initiatives and activities, the NVN organises a big international nature photo festival every two years. In 2008 the NVN was the first European nature photography organisation to become a partner of the ILCP.

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