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Enda Cavanagh

Enda Cavanagh is an irish architectural and landscape photographer. He grew up in rural Ireland and has always felt a strong connection to the land. He is drawn to the rugged beauty of Ireland and discovers a great sense of peace in our environment

He seeks to reflect the inherent drama and melancholy of the Irish landscape in his photographs. Enda regularly finds himself shooting landscapes that show evidence of man's existence and his impact on the land. Many of his images also feature man made objects that, over time, have themselves become part of the landscape. Enda's work captures the character of the land and communicates the subtle patterns, shapes and forms which exist in our landscape.

Enda helps one to perceive the dynamic nature of the country he inhabits and casts a cold, challenging eye upon the traditional interpretations of the Irish Landscape.

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Title: Lough Easkey, County Sligo 2

An old derelict car leaves a ghostly shape under the waters of Lough Easkey, a solitary place whose wide open skies and peat bog has a spare beauty. The lake is located in the foothills of the Ox mountains in Sligo, in the west of Ireland.

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