Xiaowei Dong, the photographer members of the IEPA, International Environment Photographers Association.

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Xiaowei Dong

Born in 1954. Mr. Dong is a member of Chinese Photographers Association, and the president of Siping City Photographers Association. He has photographed landscape pictures over 29 years, and those pictures were highly evaluated at the contest in China and overseas. He has published many books of his photographs.


Title: Winter Waterfall

I like landscape pictures, and recorded the beauty of nature, and life force of mountains and streams on the films. For me, photography is not just a record. I tried to capture the background of the image such as people's mind toward nature, human development, and progress of our society. In the nature, everything changes and never stays same. I set the camera in the field, and capture various subjects including my old hometown, classical style building, famous Crescent Spring in Dunhuang, and ever-changing Changbai mountain. I would like to appeal the mind of loving nature through photography. When the record of such landscapes is reflected on the mind of viewers again, I think the real meaning of photography is understood.

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