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Hada Dong

Born in Inner Mongolia in 1957, Hada Dong spent 18 years of nomadic life, and he started his photography career in 1992, when he visited the U.S. In June, 2004, he had his photography exhibition in UNESCO's headquarter, and his works has been introduced around the world. In September, 2007, he received "Golden Statue Award", which is the highest personal title of Chinese art scene. In 2008, he was appointed to the honorary president of Inner Mongolia Photographers Association.


Title: Xilin Gol Grassland

As I spent nomadic life for a long period, and fully enjoyed the benefits of nature, I understand the importance of nature. My portfolio includes photographs of people spending nomadic life, which is called "People of Horse Ride" and landscape pictures.

About a decade ago, I photographed a series of photographs with a theme of "Desert and Life" as a part of nature conservation activity. I also photographed pictures of "21st Century Earth Environment Problems" based on a U.N. Environment Programme report on "2006 Earth Environment Vision" and "China Environment Problems". Our Earth is the base of our humans. Now the environmental issues are the most important problems in the world, and no one can evade this top any longer. I wish to appeal the importance of conservation through my photographs.

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