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Daryl Benson

DARYL BENSON was born on the Canadian prairies and has spent a good portion of his life travelling and photographing on every continent. From penguin colonies surrounded by glaciers in Antarctica to aromatic fields of lavender in Provence, France; from the dragon's teeth mountains of Guilin, China to the arid, red Nullarbor Plain of the Australian outback; and from the wind-tortured mountains of Patagonia in South America to mass wildlife migrations on the Serengeti Plains of Africa. After seeing, experiencing and photographing at all of these exotic locations Daryl claims to get his best photographs along the coasts, prairies, mountains and forests of Canada. It is the place he knows best – it's home!

Even though this is written in the third person, Daryl actually penned it himself. It sounds less pretentious that way. At least that's what Daryl thinks.

Daryl Benson Photography
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Title: Caribou skull & antlers, Nunavut, northern Canada

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