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Christian Patrick Ricci

Christian Patrick Ricci was born in 1964 in Genève (Switzerland), He began to photograph in 1983 and in 2003. He became a professional photographer specializing in nature and travel images. He worked for agencies, newspapers and magazines: De Agostini publisher, Oasis, Piemonte Parchi, Tutti Fotografi, National Geographic Italia, Ev magazine.

In 2004 he became an official endorser for Sigma lenses Italia (Mamiya Trading) and took part in the expedition organized by C.N.R of Padova and M.A.S. (Mongolian Academy of Science) to Mongolia, to follow a scientific troupe discovering a Bronze Age necropolis. Since 2004 he started his permanent collaboration with Oasis the monthly magazine of environment culture as editorial photographer and in December he made an important reportage from Banda Aceh (Sumatra - Indonesia) three days after the tsunami’s passage. Since then he started travelling all around the world for Oasis and De Agostini publisher to take photos. At present he is an editorial photographer of Oasis magazine and he is a teacher, and one of the founder, of PhotoFarm, school of nature, travel and landscape photography

Christian Patrick Ricci nature and travel photography
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