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Brad Hill

My passion for nature and wildlife photography is driven in equal parts by my fascination with the behaviour of wildlife and my deep concern for the conservation of nature. My formal training in environmental biology and behavioural ecology mirror these same deeply rooted interests.

I was born and grew up in western Canada surrounded by open natural spaces. I mistakenly assumed that vast tracts of pristine wilderness were both limitless and commonplace throughout the world. Yet in my short lifetime I have seen tremendous damage inflicted upon the natural world both very close to home and abroad. In 2004 I decided that the most powerful means I had available to me to fight for my conservation ideals was through my images - at that time I elevated my lifelong hobby to my full-time profession.

In recent years I have focused my conservation and photographic efforts on the section of the northern Canadian Pacific Coast known as the Great Bear Rainforest. The primary goal of much of my current work is the conservation of the great brown bears themselves - protecting and preserving these critical keystone predators in this globally unique ecosystem ensures that virtually all the key components of the ecosystem are preserved. The battle is not yet won, but we fight on - we must!
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