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Anthony Neilson

I started taking photographs at the age of 16 as an expression of what I felt during the time I spent climbing in the mountains. I wanted to express what it was about nature that could move a landscape beyond being part of my environment to become part of my soul. I think that is really what I am trying to capture with photography and I am still working with that original idea to this day, 30 years later.

My photographic career has evolved over time, I never really thought of it as a hobby so I have always managed to incorporate photography as my profession in one way or another. I have been a publisher, a gallery owner, and now I am a software instructor. My photographic work has been in print continuously for over 20 years. I am presently working on a book about the spirituality of wilderness landscapes. I live near Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

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Title: Devils Thumb at Sunset

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