Amanda Ronzoni, the photographer members of the IEPA, International Environment Photographers Association.

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Amanda Ronzoni

AMANDA RONZONI was born in 1972, in a small town between Milan and Como lake. She got a degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures (Japanese and Standard Chinese) and a master in Communication.

In 2004 she started working as a photojournalist, with travel reportages and articles focused on environment and sustainable development.

Her main concern is Nature and the relationship between Man and Nature, and through pictures and articles, she aims to inform people and make them aware of the effects of our behavior has on the planet.

Together with her colleague Marco Stoppato, she produces exhibits dedicated to Nature and GeoSciences, to show people the fragile beauty of our Earth and remind them the importance to protect it for the future generation. They founded the scientific association VULCANO ESPLORAZIONI ( to promote and spread scientific knowledge and inspire the love and respect for Nature.

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Title: Water from the Deep

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