Yonghou Ai, the photographer members of the IEPA, International Environment Photographers Association.

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Yonghou Ai

Yonghou Ai is a member of Chinese Photographers Association, and board member of China Folklore Photographers Association. He also acts as a president of Tonghua Photographers Association. In recent years, he has provided many landscape and documentary photographs to Chinese and overseas magazines. In 2009, he submitted his photograph to the 12th Asian Art Association, Korea Exhibition, and published the book, "PURE", and gathered attention.


Title: Winter of Changbai Mountain

This is a picture of Changbai mountain in winter time. By shooting changing natural environment, I wish to cast a light on the environmental problems, and make an appeal to people's environmental protection consciousness. Ever since I felt the climate change, I visited the area of Changbai mountain many times, and made a exhibition of landscape pictures at PIP International Photography Exhibition. In recent years, I extend the activity in the area of Yalu river, flowing the China-North Korea border lines, and visit North Korea often. In 2009, I published a documentary photography book, and contributed the cultural exchange of China and North Korea.

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