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Afzal Ansary

Photography has been Afzal's life long passion - specialising in environmental and nature photography, landscapes, documentary, portraiture, travel and editorial, . Afzal is particularly interested in photographing people in their daily working environment with available light.He particularly concentrats on environment but includes people in his photographs. He has had two exhibitions one at the TouchStones Art Gallery in Rochdale, England and the second at the Fenton House Royal Photographic Society in Bath, England showing photographs on "People of Pakistan". His images have been published worldwide in books, journals and newspapers, and other media. His images have also been used by the Discovery Channel, BBC and Channel 4. He has been awarded five Fellowships of various professional photographic bodies, including The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

Afzal believes "photography is an international visual language of excellence." It allows for a depth of perception and emotions; images are universally appreciated and understood, whilst still being able to capture 'factual details.' Afzal’s is a holistic approach to photography, and he strives to capture the subtle interrelation of a land and her people concentrating on environment.

"The best images speak to your heart. They make you smile, laugh, dream, or even cry. They can also inspire and evoke deep emotion". Afzal Ansary


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