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Major Activities of the International Environment Photographers Association

As environmental destruction has become a large issue on a global scale, we must raise public awareness about the importance of preserving vanishing nature and encourage people to become more conscious of environmental protection. It is imperative that we provide the correct information about nature’s precious gifts to children, who are the bearers of the future of the world, and get them to become interested in nature. Only when people in the world become interested in nature and become environmentally conscious will it become possible to rebuild natural landscapes and revive nature.

The International Environment Photographers Association hopes to appeal to the world about the importance of the natural environment and the state of vanishing nature through the following activities under the philosophy that "beautiful, natural landscape is deeply connected to the spiritual wealth of human beings." I hope you agree with the intent of the activities of the association.

Activities Outline

Environmental Photo Exhibitions
Hold photo exhibitions at home and abroad to exhibit the photographs that record valuable nature, such as ecological landscape photographs that depict nature meticulously.
Environmental Photography Book Publication
Publish a photo book of the environmental photographs that the association collects. The photo book will be used to raise awareness of the greatness of nature and educate the public on the necessity of protecting and reviving nature.
Environmental Photographs Lending
Lend environmental photographs that the association maintains in its collection to corporate members and supporting companies for their public relations activities. The association supports environmentally-conscious businesses to improve their corporate images.
Support of Cultural Programs
Reach out to a wider audience by supporting cultural programs such as environmentally-conscious artists' concerts to enhance public understanding instead of regarding environmental problems as something difficult to tackle.
Recommendation of "Natural Landscapes to Hand Down to the Future Generations."
Select and recommend the natural landscapes that should be handed down to future generations from all over the world as nature to be preserved. The pictures will be used to increase public interest toward environmental conservation at grass-roots level.
Proposal of Environmental Conservation to the National, State, and Local Governments
Make suggestions to the national, state, and local governments regarding environmental conservation as public interests, such as installing underground electrical wiring, planting trees, and removing large billboards, keeping in mind the above recommendation of "natural landscape to hand down to the future generation."

IEPA, the International Environment Photographers Association
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